Kuttner Automation GmbH

By integrating an electronics and software company based in Trier since the 1950's, Kuttner Automation GmbH was founded as an independent subsidiary of the Kuttner Group.  The parent company is active in the process engineering industry with several subsidiaries and agencies worldwide.

Kuttner is an automation company of the Kuttner Group, where we employ automation technicians, engineers, and computer scientists.  Know-how, partnerships with manufacturers of automation systems, and the use of state-of-the-art equipment enable us to quickly and efficiently use new products and trends to solve complex tasks.

In addition to an intensive exchange of information with the customers, Kuttner automation's continued education of the employees is of great importance.  Thanks to continuous high qualification, Kuttner Automaton will continue to offer its customers innovation and commitment int he future - the basis for a lasting, successful partnership.