Gaseous Pollutants, SOx, and Acid Gases

Kuttner North America and Luehr Filter are world leaders in fiber filter design and supply for gaseous pollutants control, including SOx, HF, and HCl acid gases.

Luehr filters have set the standard for gaseous pollution capture while minimizing additive usage.  Either dry or semi-dry adsorption can be used, depending on pollutant and removal efficiencies required. 

Additives such as CaO (Ca(OH)2) and NaHCO3 are used to remove these pollutants.

These treatment technologies require great demands on the efficiency of fabric filters.  High levels of control efficiency can only be achieved if:

  • The reaction time for neutralization of the acid gases is increased
  • Contact between crude gas molecule and additive particle occurs
  • The additive particles are retained in the filter cake as much as possible

Luehr Filter offers a reliable and well proven crude gas cleaning system for sulfates and acid gas pollutants.  The simple design includes an additive powder injection device, reaction chamber, conditioning rotor, and flat-bag filter.

To see a chart showing PCDD/PCDF Separation of crude gases with different origins, please click here.