Future Metals Technology (FMT)

Innovation and Flexibility

ü  Finding best balance between innovation and proven technologies

ü  Not confined to standard furnace sizes and ranges

ü  Can produce custom sizes and configurations

ü  Long term experience with

·         Very large and smaller furnaces

·         Cast house and foundry technology

·         Upstream and downstream integration

·         Material handling and charging systems

·         Molten metal handling and transfers

ü  Close working relationship with material handling companies to ensure best solution

Furnace Advantages

ü  Optimized melting shaft, hearth burner design, for better melting and recuperation

ü  Multiple holding burners with lower capacity

·         Better heat distribution

·         Softer burner settings to improve heat transfer

·         Easier maintenance without shutting down (always one burner running)

ü  Angled cleaning doors and optimized internal geometry for better cleaning access.

·         No blind spots alongside doors

ü  Hydraulic doors for a more positive long term sealing

·         Do not rely simply on weight of the door to seal

·         Move off the seal face without dragging door deposits on seal face

ü  Full compliance with US standards: OSHA, UL, FM, NFPA86, NFPA70/NEC & NFPA 79, ASME 320.1A

Material Handling

ü  Established material handling company with extensive experience in foundry industry

ü  Separate scrap and ingot feed lines

ü  Return lines for empty buckets & pallets

ü  Accumulation capacity to improve operator activities

ü  Accumulation ensures furnace is charged optimally

Support Services

ü  Project management and onsite technical services (both mechanical and electrical) are supported from our Kuttner NA office in Port Washington WI

ü  Prompt response times